Mary-Ann McLaughlin

Yoga Instructor

YOGA sessions

Children's yoga sessions, Teen yoga sessions, Adult yoga sessions,

Meditation sessions, Private sessions

Children's Yoga at Home  Boutique Yoga Room

& Online

Teen Yoga at Boutique Yoga Room

& Online

Meditation at Boutique Yoga Room & Online

Yoga Health

Yoga is the joining of mind and body

Listen to your body

Balanced Body & Mind

Meditation allows the body to be still and the mind to be calm

Healthy Daily Life

set a positive intention each morning

Yoga Month Challenge

In this time of lockdown practice the eagle viewing your                  future self in the distance

Meditation Practice

Try to meditate at least once a day even for 10 mins


Latest News

Due to current circumstances, sessions will be conducted online over Zoom. As soon as the Covid-19 situation has been resolved sessions will resume face to face, thank you.

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