Hi, my name is Mary-Ann and one of the many jobs I have is YOGA Teacher.  I have not always been a yoga teacher; I started my career in the corporate world of business, fashion and finally finance.  I am also a fully qualified and experienced Montessori Teacher - a technique I believe enhances my role with my younger yogis.  Through a career change, admittedly, not of my own choosing I came across the benefits of yoga, and to be honest have never looked back.  Through running my own business I still interact with the corporate world and yet the thrill of hosting yoga sessions to both young and old, as well as my own yoga practice makes me both a better person and parent to my son and daughter.

Qualified to:

Host children's yoga/Family Yoga

Host Teenager Yoga

Host Adult Yoga

Host Meditation sessions



Member of the Yoga Alliance

Member of the Teenager Yoga Foundation


121 Wroxham Road, Sprowston,

Norwich, NR7 8AD

(01603) 409416

07930 460819

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